Tiki Treasure Scratch Card


Tiki Treasure is a scratch and win game. The goal of this game is to scratch and reveal three matching symbols to win the specified prize!


The first step in a Scratch & Win game is selecting your bet size. When you've selected your bet size, click the "New Card" button to purchase a new card. You then use your mouse to scratch and reveal the hidden prizes on the card by clicking on the card and dragging your mouse. Alternatively, you can click the Reveal button to reveal the entire card.

If you find at least 3 symbols of the same value you win!

Note: you cannot start a new card until you have revealed enough symbols to show that your card has either won or lost. Symbols may need to be scratched completely for the New Card button to become active. If the New Card button does not become active, simply click the Reveal button to reveal the entire card.


The bet size for each card can be chosen using the coin selector at the bottom of the screen. Each card is purchased using one coin. The win amount is multiplied by the selected coin size for all winning cards.


Once you have purchased a new card, start scratching the card by clicking and holding the mouse button on the card as you move the cursor in a scratching motion. There are 6 (six) symbols to be revealed on the card. As you reveal symbols, counters will show up on the right hand side of the screen to keep track of how many symbols you've scratched. Once 3 winning (matching) symbols, or all 6 losing (unmatched) symbols appear, the game is over. You purchase a new card to continue playing.