How To Play European Roulette

European Roulette is the most commonly played version of online roulette. The aim of online roulette is to guess where the spinning ball will stop on the roulette wheel and place your bet on the corresponding number on the roulette table. Once all bets are placed, a small ball is released on to the spinning roulette wheel, in the opposite direction of the spin. The ball stops in one of the numbered pockets of the roulette wheel.

European Roulette has a wheel with 37 positions labeled 0 to 36. Positions 1 through 36 are marked with alternating red and black backgrounds and position 0 has a green background. Bets are placed on various positions on the table that correspond to different numbers, combinations of numbers, odd/even or red/black.

Take your seat at the online roulette table and place your bet on the outcome you think will come up. You could be a winner!


  1. Bets are placed upon the table in one or several different betting positions
  2. A small ball is set in motion around the outer rim of the roulette wheel
  3. When the ball comes to rest in a numbered position, non-winning bets are cleared from the table and winning bets are paid according to the paytable


Bet: Pays:
Red 1:1
Black 1:1
Odd 1:1
Even 1:1
1 to 18 1:1
19 to 36 1:1
1 to 12 2:1
13 to 24 2:1
25 to 36 2:1
Any one number 35:1
Two number combination 17:1
Three number combination 11:1
Four number combination 8:1
Six number combination 5:1
0, 1 ,2, 3 combination 6:1

To begin play, select a chip value from the lower part of the roulette table. Once a chip value is selected, it will become highlighted and bets on the table will be of this value. To place a bet, move your mouse over the area where you wish to place the chip. As you hover your mouse over an area, you will see the corresponding numbers highlight on the table. Multiple bets may be added by clicking your left mouse button, and they can be removed by clicking your right mouse button.

Your bets must not exceed the table maximum, nor should they be outside the range defined for Inside or Outside bets. An inside bet is one placed on a single number or combination of numbers. An outside bet is one placed on one of the sections that even money or 2-1.

After placing bets upon the table, simply click the Spin button. The ball will begin spinning and you must now wait until the ball lands before changing your bets.

At any point in time, you may view the past spin history by clicking on the Spin History table below the close-up window. This will expand a small area that lists the last 10 spins in reverse-chronological order.